Oil Sketches #1-3

My amazing wife bought me a new oil painting kit for my birthday. It’s officially time for me to learn how to actually use them! I did a few tiny sketches (like 4×4″) just to practice this relatively new medium (I’ve only used once before on this 3D octopus).

Oil Sketch #3: Laguna Waves” (based on a photo from a vacation in Laguna Beach)
Oil Sketch #2: Double-Collared Sunbird” (based on my photograph in Cape Town, South Africa)
Oil Sketch #1: Shorebird (based on a photo from our wedding in Mauritius)



“Peregrines Over Pittsburgh,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel Pencil

My latest pastel pencil drawing, “Peregrines Over Pittsburgh,” made in August 2016.

I’ve been watching our city’s peregrine falcons for 6 years now, both on webcam as they mate, nest, and raise chicks atop the Cathedral of Learning (seen in the reflection within the eye) and downtown (hence the skyline), as well as in person once the nestlings fledge over Oakland. I consider them to be Pittsburgh’s second avian mascot (behind the Penguin of course) and my favorite creature in the city.

Music: “Acoustic Breeze” http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

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Peregrines Over Pittsburgh

And here is a timelapse video of its creation:

“Masked,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Digital

Thanks to the completion of a recent commission, I was able to get an incredibly usedul new tool: the Intuos Creative Stylus 2. I used it to draw this raccoon in the Procreate app (my absolute favorite art app) on my old iPad Air. This took about a week to draw (mostly on the bus and in the hours before bed. You can see a timelapse (condensed to a minute) below.

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“Sam,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel pencil on Pastelmat

This is a recent pet portrait commissioned as a birthday present. 14″ x 11″ (20″ x 16″ matted) drawn with Gioconda pastel pencils on Pastelmat. See the “making of” timelapse below and on youtube.

Original is SOLD



Framed final


“Ember,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel Pencil

14″ x 11″ Pastel Pencil on PastelMat

This is a drawing of the mythical Phoenix, engulfed in flames after resurrection. It is based on an actual photograph I took at the San Diego Zoo. Yes, believe it or not, they have a Phoenix there, although it is of the white ecotype, is not flaming, and is erroneously labeled as a “Secretary Bird”.

Original is SOLD

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“Red-Whiskered Bulbul in Mauritius,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Pastel Pencil

My wife and I eloped to South Africa and Mauritius in 2014. One of the most common birds we saw in Mauritius was the red-whiskered bulbul. This particular bird was begging my wife for scraps of an apple she was eating.

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“Red-Whiskered Bulbul in Mauritius”