“Sentience,” Daniel D. Brown, 2014, Pastel Pencil

I must say, I put more work into this piece than any other I’ve ever done. I literally spent months working on it in short bursts, followed by a couple of weeks of more intense work. I lost count of how many dozens of hours went into it. The reference photo I used was taken by the excellent breast cancer scientist (and my colleague) Dr. Ryan Hartmaier at the Pittsburgh zoo.

"Sentience" Daniel D. Brown, 2014, pastel pencil

Daniel D. Brown, 2014, pastel pencil, 11 x 14″



My work featured at my local (and favorite) art supply store!

I absolutely love Artist and Craftsmen Supply Store in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. I find myself there almost weekly, whether I need anything or not. It helps that I live nearby. The employees never cease to be friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They feature local artists every month behind the front counter, and I recently got a turn. Works shown are “…some nuts, grapes, and a slice of mango,” “The Legacy of Shakespeare,”Stripes,” and “Tiger Shark.”

On display at Artist & Craftsmen Supply

On display at Artist and Craftsmen Supply



“The Legacy of Shakespeare,” Daniel D. Brown, 2014, Pastel Pencil

In 1890, a man named Eugene Shieffelin introduced a flock of 60 European Starlings into Central Park in New York City. Why? Because he loved Shakespeare. And Shakespeare mentioned a starling once:

“Nay, I will; that’s flat:
He said he would not ransom Mortimer;
Forbad my tongue to speak of Mortimer;
But I will find him when he lies asleep,
And in his ear I’ll holla ‘Mortimer!’
I’ll have a starling shall be taught to speak
Nothing but ‘Mortimer,’ and give it him
To keep his anger still in motion.”

Henry IV, William Shakespeare

The European Starling population is now about 150-200 MILLION birds and span pretty much the entire North American continent. They are pretty much badasses at survival and reproduction. It was pretty fascinating for me to travel all the way to South Africa and see these instantly recognizable neighbors of mine (and everyone else’s) cavorting about thousands of miles away. This one I spotted in Pittsburgh and just had to draw him.


"The Legacy of Shakespeare" Daniel D. Brown, 2014, pastel pencil

“The Legacy of Shakespeare”
Daniel D. Brown, 2014, pastel pencil



Art All Night!

Here in Pittsburgh we have an awesome annual event: Art All Night. It’s art, and music, and beer… all night long. It’s free for everyone, and anyone in the burgh can submit one artwork for display – with all being accepted. It’s such a great way to see the creativity going on throughout the city from hobbyists, pros, children, and dabblers alike. Needless to say, there are thousands of works on display. And it’s an absolute blast. My pastel drawing “Dexter” was my featured work.



Me beneath my pelican pastel, "Dexter."

Me beneath my pelican pastel, “Dexter.”



My fiance Tamaryn showcasing her own skills with her oil painting, “Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away,” her first ever oil painting. It sold!


“Wild Things” – A blast of an experience that went without a hitch

Well, we attended the “Wild Things Public Art Installation & Exhibition” juried by Cynthia Shaffer at Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, which contained two of my artworks, and it was a ton of fun. “Longing” sold! I’m pretty happy that “I Hear You Have Crabs” did not, as I don’t really want to part with it.

Here’s me with my fiance. The artists were “highly encouraged” to create masks for the reception.

WildThings_03_600The building itself was adorned with these cool flowing tentacles.