Laughing Mantis Studio Animated Intro

Laughing Mantis Studio now has an intro animation! I mainly created this for the fun of it, but also to stick in front of any timelapses, or other videos. I make.

Created and rendered in Blender.

“The Workers,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Digital

“The Workers” is my latest piece in a series of digital artworks I’ve been creating with the intent of implying fantastical stories with individual beings or groups of beings. It is up to the viewer to create or decipher the story (and so far, I’ve found viewer’s interpretations even more interesting than my own). Also in this series: “The Refugee” and “The Guardian.”


I actually created two versions of this piece, and I waver in which I like best. But I believe this one is more conducive to story-telling:

“The Workers”





And here’s the original version (without the HUD or CRT screen effects).

“The Workers” Original



“The Guardian,” Daniel D. Brown, 2016, Digital

Here’s a quick work I did on a lazy Sunday. Modeled and rendered in Blender, with some post-processing in Photoshop.


“The Guardian”





“The Refugee,” Daniel D. Brown, 2013

The story is in the details. I have heard a couple interpretations from viewers, and I must say that I’ve been more entertained by the stories that they saw within this piece than with the one in my head. My goal with this work was to simply make the viewer question the circumstances surrounding the refugee and companion. What do you think is going on?

This is my latest serious attempt at creating a detailed artwork primarily using Blender (with post-processing in Photoshop). I wanted to add even more details but I reached the limits of my laptop processor (and patience). This took about two weeks of pretty constant work in the evenings and weekends. Each object was individually modeled and textured/painted myself (Though my wife came up with the alien writing and the kid’s drawing. NASA provided the earth maps.). Many thanks to Andrew Price at for his blender tutorials (particularly the one on creating the Earth).

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“The Refugee”







“Tamaryn the Fairy”, Daniel D. Brown, 2013

During my fiance’s last visit to Pittsburgh, I took a bunch of photo’s of her in a clover field. This image popped into my head and I just had to make it. Her photograph was inserted into a fully modeled 3D digital enviroment in Blender, with post-processing in GIMP.

I made two versions: one in vivid color and one with a more old-timey feel.






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“10 Minute Hairball”, Daniel D. Brown, 2013, Digital

This is a work I did in Blender in 10 minutes just playing with the new hair rendering features in the cycles engine.



Dippy & Friends, Daniel D. Brown, 2012

I made this earlier this year but didn’t get around to posting it. This is the famous “Dippy” diplodocus sculpture that stands outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which is easily my favorite place to visit in Pittsburgh, PA. Some new friends just strolled in from Schenley Plaza.

I modeled the diplodocus dinosaurs in Blender, photographed the museum and statue with my iPhone, and did texturing and compositing in GIMP. This was an exercise in integrating a 3D computer model into a real world photo with at least somewhat realistic lighting and shadows.

Dippy & Friends, Daniel D. Brown, 2012

Some People Get Dogs…

Some People Get Dogs...

My buddy RJ‘s pet velociraptor.

I shot the photo with my phone cam, and modeled, textured, and rendered the dinosaur in Blender. A little bit of post-processing was done in GIMP.


Ocean Invasion #12: We’ve Got Crabs

“Ocean Invasion #12: We’ve Got Crabs”

Ocean Invasion #11: We’ve Got Crabs


Blue crabs invade my friends’ apartment building. Note: In the original photo there is a street where there is now water.

This is the 12th in a series of pieces, “Ocean Invasion,” which finds ocean creatures living in absurd land habitats.

Photo taken with iPhone cam. Crabs modeled in Blender (with reference photo help from Dr. Tom Shultz, molecular biologist at the Duke Marine Conservation Molecular Facility and Amy Frietag of the “Southern Fried Science” blog and Duke Marine Lab). Textured and post-processing in GIMP.

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Ocean Invasion #11: We've Got Crabs


Ocean Invasion #11: We've Got Crabs

Detail 2


Ocean Invasion #10: The Loggerheads Got In!

Ocean Invasion #10: The Loggerheads Got In!

Loggerhead sea turtles invade a kitchen like a a colony of ants.

This is the tenth in a series of pieces, “Ocean Invasion,” which finds ocean creatures living in absurd land habitats.

This work was modeled using Blender software. Texturing and post-processing was done using GIMP. Completion took approximately one month on and off.

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Ocean Invasion #10 - Detail 1



Ocean Invasion #10 - Detail 2

Detail 2