3D Digital

These were all mostly created in the opensource Blender software, though some were done in Maya several years ago.


One thought on “3D Digital

  1. Hi Dan
    You’ve created some really amazing artwork !
    I’m producing a small documentary on mercury and was looking for pictures of a human cell to animate with After Effects, when I came across your website.

    We are on the very tail end of post production and I’m trying to add a last minute graphic to the film to better help explain something.

    I was wondering how much money you would charge for me to use the picture of the human cell in my film?

    Additionally, I was also wondering how much you’d charge for creating a similarly styled picture of a mitochondria… and blood brain barrier?

    I’m not sure if you work in photoshop or not, but ideally these elements would not be on a background (so that I could animate them inside after effects

    Thanks in advance for your consideration

    Randall Moore

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