Ocean Invasion #9: Lionfish 1, Springbok 0

A voracioius lionfish on the heels of a springbok in the African savannah.

This is the ninth in a series of pieces, “Ocean Invasion,” which finds ocean creatures living in absurd land habitats.

This piece was inspired by a marine biologist friend who is currently studying these invasive fish in Hawaii (Christie Wilcox of the popular “Science Sushi” blog at Discover Magazine).

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Detail: (note – these are compressed jpeg files – the original is much higher quality and resolution)

Lionfish detail

Springbok detail

One thought on “Ocean Invasion #9: Lionfish 1, Springbok 0

  1. Great picture! Please may I have permission to use it in connection with MARDI, a new international charity I am setting up. Happy to give attribution, of course.

    Kind regards, Doug

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