3 thoughts on “Lion

  1. This is my sketch, i ve done it when i was little … where did u find it? please reply

    • Daniel D. Brown

      Do you mean that you originally drew it? I actually drew this sketch when I was a kid. But it was based off of a drawing someone else did – maybe from a book or something? I honestly can’t remember. This was just one of the little things I did when I was first learning to draw.

      That would be pretty amazing if you’re saying you are the original artist!

      • Kaw Lopez

        Really? Thats odd… Im 23 now, I did it when I was like 10 or less, I lost it when my dad left us and took a lot of my sketches … I was hoping that this is one of my lost sketches, Find me on FB, lets keep chating !

        Kaw Lopez

        Im the only one with that name hopefully haha Im from São Paulo – Brazil…

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